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“Our customers are our No.1 ! We are happy because they are happy.

Travel Pack is where travel starts. ”


Travel Pack is a leading travel service provider in the travel industry. Travel Pack provides the best price and quality service to our customers. Travel Pack provides Bus Tours, Air Tickets, Asian Tours, US Domestic Tours, Cruise Services and Chinese Passport and Visa Services.

Our Mission is to provide the most efficient and valuable travel service to suit each of our customer’s individual needs. We will continue to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations in the years to come. Our key element to success is delivering our service with value and to continue to provide innovative travel products to promote the travel industry. With all our best efforts we want to be recognized by our exceptional service and meeting the travel needs of people all around the world.

Please contact Travel Pack for your travel needs. Let our customer service representatives help you. Find out where to go and what to do.

TravelPackUsa.com is where travel starts!!